Sunday, December 30, 2012

Habari Gani!

Kuumba, that is the correct response. last day of the year, one more day of Kwanzaa left. As one my new years resolutions to do more art and show more of that i do and i'm capable of, I'm going to post a few free series here. Keisha underground, Ishmiel Lyght: The way and the F.U. Fighters Universe, as well as a link to the new series for the model whose site I'll be posting comic work on. There will still be the books I'm currently working on(captain Kacela Universal Ranger) and planning in the near future(the roach, name may change). With those books in mind I can't commit to a serious schedule for the online works but I will try to find something consistent. every 50 pages I will try to compile for print with the exception of the F.U. since it will use copyrighted characters it likely won't print, in fact i'll be lucky if that doesn't get shut down ^_^ In the mean time enjoy the first few pages of Keisha Underground.

Keisha Underground is the story of Keisha and underground fighter born off grid raised off grid and living off grid. She relies on her wits and fight skills to eat. She has long since abandoned the dogmatic thinking that raised her and gave her the skills when it suddenly comes back  in the form of a small child claiming to have been sent to be her charge. there are only about 10 pages of this series so far I plan on releasing 3 a month till I catch up and then ongoing as they are finished. Please excuse any typos, the first  few pages are a few years old my sense of detail as grown much since then. Enjoy the first three.
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Keisha Underground

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