Sunday, December 19, 2010

How about those EAGLES! Just watched the most amazing football game. Going to remember that for a long time. a LaLa to Mike Vick and Deshawn Jackson.

So what is new is that i've uploaded a few new pieces to deviant art. anything i put there will be up here soon enough. i have a little more freedom in what i put up there because they aren't scared of nudity or risque material. so untill i have a media server that works better or as well as PhotoBucket, some images will only be seen on Deviant art.
check whats new. like this:

also i really need a colorist. SO if your pretty good or at least ok at colors let me know. I have little to no money. so lets talk about that upfront. Infact i still owe a very good printer about 160 bucks. but hopefully i have some other things to offer or we can work out some payment plan.
check out my photobucket account because there are a couple of pieces of art on there that aren't on deviant yet, and will not appear in the artmada art book due out early next year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So whats new. Well the ARTMADA sketch book should be out early next year. captain Kacela issue two is out. Pick up issue 1 and 2 online at

now that the sketch book is out of the way i'm gonna get back on putting art on my deviant. after the book drops i'll get some of the prints on deviant and make them available online.

I took down my personal reality show. the video blog of our house situation. i honesty think it would be very entertaining. My wife feels other wise though. any way i'm gonna startusing this as more of a sketch blog get a picture or two up here as often as i can. i'm home sick today so i should get a pic up today.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm not the most loquacious person. I've been told to be quiet a few times but only because I said something lacking the right amount of tact or totally off subject. But nothing has stopped me from telling dang near every one i can think of about my wife whos pregnant with my song.
I just wanted to post it here. As for the name we don't have it down yet but we have some options. And i'm not nameing him little kamau... I already know one of those plus I want my child to be able to create an identity of his own.
Captain Kacela universal ranger issue 2 is now on sale. at indyplanet follow the link to preview and to buy.

Issue one is still available. click on link to preview and to buy.

Monday, October 4, 2010

For those that don't know that means hello in KiSwahili. That's an African language used a lot in the seventies in African American empowerment groups. I was raised with it and I like it's not hard to learn and i don't speak anything else so...
Going to start seriously using this blog. Post the link up and such. New things working on a couple of new series. As well as starting a video blog about my experiences house sharing.

if you have skills with dreamweaver i need to talk to you! so that the arsonsite stays online.

to see more art check out more post coming soon.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

just testing some things, i think i will put up a banner and some other things just seeing how putting up art work goes

here we are again.

what gives. This is probably my third or fourth attempt at creating a personal blog. You can see my work on Deviant ( also on comicspace ( on myspace on facebook, modelmayhem and i'm not sure if its still up but probably too.. .just checked, yeah still there. that said, while i want you to visit those places i need some way to unify things. i have a spot on my current comic company co-owned by myself but there seems to be a problem momentarily the site is up but i can't update content. and even at that there are many things that for the sake of politics and business i'd rather not have on arson entertainments site. so i'm going to attempt a blog.