Friday, May 31, 2013

Wizard world Day two in the bag.

Hope to see more tomorrow as well as get there a little earlier. Wifey going to have her jewelry on display. Check out some of her stuff here

Going to post up some pictures tomorrow night, got about three different events I've been to in the last three weeks more to come this whirlwind summer.

Highlight of the day though beer wings and friends, some old some new. No pictures of that though. Check out the photos tomorrow. And new prints. And Lea, where ever you are buy the avatar!

avatar the last air bender by ~ishmiel14 on deviantART

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Con season is my favorite part of the year. School is coming to an end. People are graduating, going on proms, coming outside, all the good movies are being released, best time of the year.

Going to be at wizard world Philly with prints and sketches. Not sure I'll be able to get too many Captain Kacela books done in time. I sold out  just last week at the East Coast Black Age of Comics con. Not sure if I can get more  printed in a week. Got plenty of pictures from that but I haven't posted them yet.
I'll post them soon along with pictures from wizard world 2013. Check me out at 2064. Right next to the geek booth.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


So I never got to post it but ECBACC (East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention)  was yesterday. I've been so busy trying to get Captain Kacela issue 4 done I haven't really blogged. The worst part is its still unfinished. The story needs so much to be finished properly that I'm still debating if it should be one 50 page issue or two smaller issues, making Kacelas first story arch in to 5 or six issues. Regardless of that decision as soon as the stories complete it will be collected into one paper back thats over 100 pages.
That aside I have been busy. I created several new pin ups for the east coast black age con. Only a few of them were actually finished in time. So When I do wizard world in two weeks(provided the guy in charge of things is doing his job right)   I should have a good amount of new prints.

But for now I'll share some of the  new finished art work and photos from ECBACC