Monday, August 3, 2015

Some fine art

Well as of now I am done with conventions for the season. Returns just were not enough to keep things goin. A good friend of mine Kimberly Moseberry invited me to NYCC I will go but Bmore doesn't look possible at the moment.. Had a great time tho. I need to focus on future works, resolving the current captain kacela storyline and starting some new online works. Here are two pieces. One new, the other one a few months old just re scanned for better quality and one new piece
Superhero Huff check it out here:

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fan art, from a friend.

Hey still working. Had some serious setbacks but I'm a serious person. Hopefully things will come out great in the end in the mean time check out this awesome fan art! If you didn't know I'm planing on adding whatever art work I receive to future issues of the Captain Kacela comic.  Im pretty amazed at this work by artist George Rand.
Also recieved a mention from ECBACC from blogger Derpygirl  Thanks for the love K!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

buy back issues of captain kacela

Just wanted to add for those who were unable at any convention to purchase captain kacela universal ranger

This is where you can find it online. Some issues have a small discount for buying online. if you want to retail them in your shop, I believe they are something like 3.50 if you buy bulk and they retail for 5.00 Can't remember the exact numbers. I do think its a positive gain tho.
Future issues will also show up there.
If you are interested in any commision work email me
This month has been full beyond believe with conventions and work. Hoping to work more soon. I'm unsure of the future of the convention schedule.
as positives, I am completely out of books (issue 1 2 and 3) and have to reorder.
I've seen a lot of folk and talked to many a young artist, worthy contemporary and happy fan.

On the negative side, I still haven't quite cracked the game of living on conventions. I still need lots of commission work.
I have lots of bills.
But looks like the positives have it!

I may or maynot be at baltimore
NYCC is looking unlikely but I will see.
Recently did ECBACC (great time)
Captain Kacela model/cosplayer looks amazing.

Contact me:
Follow me
kamau215 on Instagram

Saturday, April 25, 2015


At C2E2 in Chicago.  Wanted to put up contack ifo on Facebook.
Check out Captain Kacela @
And you can search kamau mshale for me. Please tag your self in pictures we might have of you and tag us in your pictures

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Exclusive C2E2 print!

Well its a fail, but I won't stop trying. I wanted issue 4 of Captain Kacela to debut at C2E2 but that doesn't look likely. In fact I'm hoping I can still make the original date of ECBACC Saturday May 16th
Since i can't make that date I will an exclusive print for C2E2.

Wizard world philly and Ecbacc are now confirmed updated list shortly. C2E2 print coming shortly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Convention schedule

Good news
In order to bring a quality product in a timely manner to market to share with all of you good people, the final issue of Captain Kacela will be broken into two issues. Issue 4 is set to debut @ c2e2. The original project was set to be 50 pages. The new project will be 2 books one 30 pages of story the other 20 pages of  story both with extra art and pin ups. Hopefully this will let me do a better job finishing the series by late 2015 and the trade as well as issue 5 will be out at the same time. I Hope thats not too complicated.

Here is my scheduled plan so far:
C2E2- April 24th-26 table F6
South street festival- May 2nd

Unregistered but planned:
Wizard world Philly- May 7-10
J1- May 31st
Baltimore- Sept.25th-27th

All dates Subject to change. Should be great, Townson's inaugural con was late last month. It was great, I'm looking forward to seeing people come out and get some good art, support some positive creativity.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Con Season, Rabbit Season, Con Season

Hey all.  I haven't been updating to leave the last post up as long as possible the one showing all the indy black comics I know. I'll try to update that quaterly. My new year is starting about now. It's con season! Thats right the spring is when the cons start and they end around fall. For me Baltimore should be the end of the year, unless NYCC is in October. So I have been working on some new prints. I work on stuff all year but this time of year you see more of them. Also Captain Kacela's print series is finishing up. Due to budget and time concerns the last issues will be in a trade for with all 4 issues. Sorry to all those who already picked up all three... I'll try to find some way to make it worth your expense. Pencils and ink by Kamau M. Colors by Derek Dow

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Black comic characters.

Hey I'm a comic book artist. I'm an independent comic creator and publisher.
People don't seem to know we exist. I'm starting this list on Facebook because despite all the work myself and others have done, over all there is still the thought that there are not enough black characters around. In reality Marvel, DC and other larger brands don't have as many(even with the current push to create some) but there are tons of good characters in the independent market.
Most of the reason you don't know about them is because we can't afford to advertise on a large scale.
Some of these characters are new, some are about the ideas and have been around a few years (Captain Kacela Universal Ranger) some have been around since the 90s and have been very close to the popularity of larger comic companies (Brotherman) and some have been award wining from inception. Anyway Buying them and supporting these artist allows these works to continue and new amazing things to happen. If you don't support don't complain about what Marvel or DC decide to do with Storm or John Steward, and never say again “There aren't enough black characters”

Abraham the young lion

Urban Shogun

There are also tons of great artist who work on these and other mainstream works, and other series and amazing  writers who also do lots of other types of work. I didn't even include the non-graphic novels or characters I know of but could not find sequential art for. I just want these to be more well known and hopefully bought and widely accepted.