Monday, June 30, 2014

From around the net!

So every once in a while I google Captain kacela, the current project I'm working on and finishing up. Just like some people google themselves to see what comes up. Last time I found some interesting results including a mention on CBR (comic book resources) during black history month. Here are some of them. There are lots of intersting articles I've participated in and people talking about the book and character, these are just new to me. check out
he has done a few interviews with me and also some great artist at a bunch of cons, as well as his passion bmx, which I think is an olympic sport now, and other great stuff.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yo How is everyone! Did we all enjoy NYC Special Edition?
Today was the first day of Wizard World Philly! I was there, a little late, better late then never though. I'll be joined by my lovely apprentice Carmelita White aka Pem. "Pem" is short for "Pempamsie"(Pim-pam-see-ah) it means to be prepared,  symbol of valor and fearlessness so she always gets put out there and she always rises to the occasion.

I just wanted to tell people to stop by Wizard World Philly tomorrow and see me table F-15 also check out the black and whites color version available tomorrow and Friday. It's kinda late, I'm still coloring so forgive the rambling


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nyc special.

Hey all. Had a great day gonna post pictures tomorrow.  In the mean time here is some contact info. Please contact im a total recluse.
Instagram: kamau215
Facebook: kamau mshale
Deviant art:
email.: or

Many thanks again to those who came by and supported. Day 2 more of the same discount prints! And sketches.

Friday, June 13, 2014


I really haven't been keeping up here. I post things to several places in order to achieve a certain level of web presence. Some things posted here have progressed, here are some before I post them in other places. Hopefully all but the capt. will be available as prints tomorrow.

Nyc Special Edition eve
Just wanted to make sure I post up the new pages. These are hopefully the first of many, colored traditionally. Within the week they will get a more formal home on the Kacela blog.
For other cool things check me out New York Special Edition Table E14 Show starts at 10 tomorrow . I'll be there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey people

A few days left till New York Special Edition. Come stop by table E14 at the Javits center this Saturday and Sunday. I know the blogs been slow. For all those who have been keeping up with me via this and facebook. I just finished a special treat for people part of a larger idea. Extra pages or deleted scenes from the Captain Kacela series. The two pages of which this is the first  will be uploaded to this and the Captain Kaacela blog this Friday. Mfume (first appearing in Captain Kacela Universal Ranger issue 1) will soon have a web mini series to as a companion to the Captain Kacela series.