Saturday, April 25, 2015


At C2E2 in Chicago.  Wanted to put up contack ifo on Facebook.
Check out Captain Kacela @
And you can search kamau mshale for me. Please tag your self in pictures we might have of you and tag us in your pictures

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Exclusive C2E2 print!

Well its a fail, but I won't stop trying. I wanted issue 4 of Captain Kacela to debut at C2E2 but that doesn't look likely. In fact I'm hoping I can still make the original date of ECBACC Saturday May 16th
Since i can't make that date I will an exclusive print for C2E2.

Wizard world philly and Ecbacc are now confirmed updated list shortly. C2E2 print coming shortly.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Convention schedule

Good news
In order to bring a quality product in a timely manner to market to share with all of you good people, the final issue of Captain Kacela will be broken into two issues. Issue 4 is set to debut @ c2e2. The original project was set to be 50 pages. The new project will be 2 books one 30 pages of story the other 20 pages of  story both with extra art and pin ups. Hopefully this will let me do a better job finishing the series by late 2015 and the trade as well as issue 5 will be out at the same time. I Hope thats not too complicated.

Here is my scheduled plan so far:
C2E2- April 24th-26 table F6
South street festival- May 2nd

Unregistered but planned:
Wizard world Philly- May 7-10
J1- May 31st
Baltimore- Sept.25th-27th

All dates Subject to change. Should be great, Townson's inaugural con was late last month. It was great, I'm looking forward to seeing people come out and get some good art, support some positive creativity.