Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fan art, from a friend.

Hey still working. Had some serious setbacks but I'm a serious person. Hopefully things will come out great in the end in the mean time check out this awesome fan art! If you didn't know I'm planing on adding whatever art work I receive to future issues of the Captain Kacela comic.  Im pretty amazed at this work by artist George Rand.
Also recieved a mention from ECBACC from blogger Derpygirl  Thanks for the love K!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

buy back issues of captain kacela

Just wanted to add for those who were unable at any convention to purchase captain kacela universal ranger

This is where you can find it online. Some issues have a small discount for buying online. if you want to retail them in your shop, I believe they are something like 3.50 if you buy bulk and they retail for 5.00 Can't remember the exact numbers. I do think its a positive gain tho.
Future issues will also show up there.
If you are interested in any commision work email me
This month has been full beyond believe with conventions and work. Hoping to work more soon. I'm unsure of the future of the convention schedule.
as positives, I am completely out of books (issue 1 2 and 3) and have to reorder.
I've seen a lot of folk and talked to many a young artist, worthy contemporary and happy fan.

On the negative side, I still haven't quite cracked the game of living on conventions. I still need lots of commission work.
I have lots of bills.
But looks like the positives have it!

I may or maynot be at baltimore
NYCC is looking unlikely but I will see.
Recently did ECBACC (great time)
Captain Kacela model/cosplayer looks amazing.

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