Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cheers to ECBACC

Hey good people.
So ECBACC (East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention) was awesome. Special Thanks to Carmalita White aka "Pem" My apprentice who took care of business Saturday. Thanks to Yumy Odom and Akinseye Brown who make ECBACC possible and to all those who stopped by the table either to say hi, or buy or who supported in other ways.

I always fall off right after conventions. The energy at conventions is always electric and right after normal life is such a slow down. The every day life I have to work with often causes me to miss the great connections I make at cons. So from now own the day after conventions for me is called "Build Day"  so I can make sure I keep these connections and that electric feeling going.
Thanks toTiana Mone Scott for the awesome squirtile box my son keeps playing with.
thanks to Artist Sheeba Maya amazingly talented.
Thanks to Ariell Johnson much success to her and her awesome idea.
Great times with Kimberly Moseberry. My good table mate Zuwena Mshale another good table mate.
Congrats on a good job done by Jerry Craft, Jihan and all the stars participants.
Congrats to Steven Harris and all the Glyph winners and participants.

Not sure if I can get it online by today, but there is a special treat for all those who signed their email address. Thanks again For all the love. For those who inquired here is a link to the list of comic conventions I used to plan my year. ECBACC and Onyx con may not be on the list but those cons I plan special. Comic convention scene

Thursday, May 8, 2014

How goes it.
That good huh. Well it's been sometime since the last post. I've also fallen off on creating new content for the online comics. The truth is  I've been hustling to get things together for this convention season. So far I've only done C2E2. The tables are booked for wizard world philly, Wizard World Chicago ECBACC and New York special edition. I'll post the actual table numbers as soon as possible. Most of my conventions this year will be shared tables and most of those with Kimberly Moseberry and Joe Currie. My table mate in past years was my wife. Shes decided to call it quits after 6 years... the marriage I mean. She actually wants to share some tables. In an effort to bring down my cost I'm sharing ECBACC with her.  In Philly at wizard world I will probably be competing with her not directly. I don't see the two of us sharing many resources and so it's every sale for your self.

Sales are up but its still a struggle. I am working towards this thing I do, being THE thing I do.  Any help I can get is appreciated, I can't thank people enough. All those who count themselves fans thank you for your support.

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