Monday, October 21, 2013

New work

Some new art wanted to post it here first albeit not much longer before deviant art.

Catching up

So late notice but i should be at Cola-Con in Columbia SC
more info here

I'm home on a sick day. The end of the convention season for me has been so full I haven't been updating like I should. Infact it was so crazy I had my domain name miss renewal. Luckily it was still around.

In the mean time here are  couple video blogs. about a month old or more.

oldest first. I recorded a small part of conversation with some friends after the baltimore comic con. It's pretty candid so don't send me any hate mail.  Just some thoughts on whats most important if your drawing in order to show up at a convention.

and from about a month ago

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What up folks
As promised
Had a cool time at New York Comic Con, made some good contacts. Be there tomorrow with some new art. Like this Chun Li. I'll probably add her Title to it as well.

Everyday I will be headed back to Philly after the con, so if I get in a little later it's cause I'm treking back and forth on mega bus. Not a bad ride though. I should be there by 2pm Friday. Along with my table mate Kimberly Moseberry and have some new stuff.  It's also looking like my convention schedule will be expanding.
 I'll be at the Cola-Con end of October. Well it's been  long day... longer tomorrow

Sunday, October 6, 2013

So always moving, but sometimes I forget to blog about it. Going to NY city comic con. Table CC6.

Should have some new prints for it going to get some coloring done tonight. Due to funds I won't be able to get my normal colorist. So this time the colors will be all yours truly.
Also I won't be there Saturday. My table mate and recent apprentice will be though. Feel free to stop by quiz her and ask questions or take pictures.