Sunday, November 9, 2014

Re-working life should be back in effect by next Friday. Still plugging away at my art. so much to do.  In the mean time I could put up more work if I had a scanner. I take donations @_@

Some art though cause y not. I've been posting up older works while I work on new stuff. This includes two books soon to be three books. Earth Guard, two issues and Roach, one issues, plus some supplemental works. 
I plan on continuing with plans to print roach, or at least publish online with print on demand option. EarthGuard only lives in theory now. Captain Kacela will continue as well. currently slowly working on issue 4. I am open for commissions. check out EarthGuard issue 1. with bonus Vyper story from creator Frank Dowd. It wasn't published on facebook for fear of rights issues

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here we go again!

Back at this thing. Thought I'd be able to keep a better schedule. Well you live you learn. For anyone interested my Facebook
Sketch for Maia Crown Williams

Sketch based on photo of Ms.Cat

Sketch based on photo of Destiny Moore

 Sketch... thats it just a sketch
page is
I post things there, as well as here, probably there things are more accessible and share-able if you see something you like and would like others to see. See it first is between this blog and my deviant account
I think that might also be(and likely will continue until I make enough money to hire a webmaster) the largest collection of my art online. Like the Facebook page there is all types of art on the deviant page. Some work for clients, some for myself. some comic and graphic story telling ventures, others collabs and prints.

If you'd like to see something specific, I'm open for commission, you can also make a suggestion. If I'm feeling it and I don't have any commissions on my plate I'll probably sketch it. Otherwise shoot me an email and we will arrange payment and terms. Currently a black and white character commission is going for 50 with a background 70 with digital colors 100.

I've got a lot I've been looking at as I try to take my life and my world to the next level. Here are some sketches. hope you like em. let me know. or or facebook, or leave a comment.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey comic book fans and art loyalist.
I've been hard at work trying to get some things in my life settled as soon as possible.
As such, my appearence at Baltimore comic con and New York comic con are in serious question. I hope to make it. But if not theres always next year. I haven't made too many more videos. I've shot 2 or 3, but times have been trying. I've decided to give my goal of making a comfortable living from comics and art another year, maybe two. In two years I'll be 35, with a 4 and 5 year old to take care of. If it hasn't become comfortable by then I'll suck it up and work wherever the pay is good and draw for my own enjoyment.

I don't have much to upload. Part of my plan to make this work is actually to create more which could just as easily make things harder. Hopefully its appreciated in the end. For those looking for Captain kacela 4, don't worry it's still in the works. In the meantime I'll be uploading Captain kacela issue one page by page. As well as anything else i think might be interesting from the archives. I'm hoping to plan the launch of the next two titles better then the luanch of Captain Kacela. I basically just showed up one year at NYC with books. Sold well, but being on a consistent con schedule was a struggle. In the 5 years since her debut and 6 years since inception, I've only been to NYC con 2 times. Once on the titles debut and again last year through personal turmoil. If I can make it, this will be the third, in arguably the best market for her.

Here are the first 3 pages plus the cover and inside front cover of Kacela issue1. Scroll down

Monday, June 30, 2014

From around the net!

So every once in a while I google Captain kacela, the current project I'm working on and finishing up. Just like some people google themselves to see what comes up. Last time I found some interesting results including a mention on CBR (comic book resources) during black history month. Here are some of them. There are lots of intersting articles I've participated in and people talking about the book and character, these are just new to me. check out
he has done a few interviews with me and also some great artist at a bunch of cons, as well as his passion bmx, which I think is an olympic sport now, and other great stuff.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yo How is everyone! Did we all enjoy NYC Special Edition?
Today was the first day of Wizard World Philly! I was there, a little late, better late then never though. I'll be joined by my lovely apprentice Carmelita White aka Pem. "Pem" is short for "Pempamsie"(Pim-pam-see-ah) it means to be prepared,  symbol of valor and fearlessness so she always gets put out there and she always rises to the occasion.

I just wanted to tell people to stop by Wizard World Philly tomorrow and see me table F-15 also check out the black and whites color version available tomorrow and Friday. It's kinda late, I'm still coloring so forgive the rambling


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Nyc special.

Hey all. Had a great day gonna post pictures tomorrow.  In the mean time here is some contact info. Please contact im a total recluse.
Instagram: kamau215
Facebook: kamau mshale
Deviant art:
email.: or

Many thanks again to those who came by and supported. Day 2 more of the same discount prints! And sketches.

Friday, June 13, 2014


I really haven't been keeping up here. I post things to several places in order to achieve a certain level of web presence. Some things posted here have progressed, here are some before I post them in other places. Hopefully all but the capt. will be available as prints tomorrow.

Nyc Special Edition eve
Just wanted to make sure I post up the new pages. These are hopefully the first of many, colored traditionally. Within the week they will get a more formal home on the Kacela blog.
For other cool things check me out New York Special Edition Table E14 Show starts at 10 tomorrow . I'll be there.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey people

A few days left till New York Special Edition. Come stop by table E14 at the Javits center this Saturday and Sunday. I know the blogs been slow. For all those who have been keeping up with me via this and facebook. I just finished a special treat for people part of a larger idea. Extra pages or deleted scenes from the Captain Kacela series. The two pages of which this is the first  will be uploaded to this and the Captain Kaacela blog this Friday. Mfume (first appearing in Captain Kacela Universal Ranger issue 1) will soon have a web mini series to as a companion to the Captain Kacela series.