Sunday, November 9, 2014

Re-working life should be back in effect by next Friday. Still plugging away at my art. so much to do.  In the mean time I could put up more work if I had a scanner. I take donations @_@

Some art though cause y not. I've been posting up older works while I work on new stuff. This includes two books soon to be three books. Earth Guard, two issues and Roach, one issues, plus some supplemental works. 
I plan on continuing with plans to print roach, or at least publish online with print on demand option. EarthGuard only lives in theory now. Captain Kacela will continue as well. currently slowly working on issue 4. I am open for commissions. check out EarthGuard issue 1. with bonus Vyper story from creator Frank Dowd. It wasn't published on facebook for fear of rights issues

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