Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here we go again!

Back at this thing. Thought I'd be able to keep a better schedule. Well you live you learn. For anyone interested my Facebook
Sketch for Maia Crown Williams

Sketch based on photo of Ms.Cat

Sketch based on photo of Destiny Moore

 Sketch... thats it just a sketch
page is
I post things there, as well as here, probably there things are more accessible and share-able if you see something you like and would like others to see. See it first is between this blog and my deviant account
I think that might also be(and likely will continue until I make enough money to hire a webmaster) the largest collection of my art online. Like the Facebook page there is all types of art on the deviant page. Some work for clients, some for myself. some comic and graphic story telling ventures, others collabs and prints.

If you'd like to see something specific, I'm open for commission, you can also make a suggestion. If I'm feeling it and I don't have any commissions on my plate I'll probably sketch it. Otherwise shoot me an email and we will arrange payment and terms. Currently a black and white character commission is going for 50 with a background 70 with digital colors 100.

I've got a lot I've been looking at as I try to take my life and my world to the next level. Here are some sketches. hope you like em. let me know. or or facebook, or leave a comment.

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