Sunday, December 19, 2010

How about those EAGLES! Just watched the most amazing football game. Going to remember that for a long time. a LaLa to Mike Vick and Deshawn Jackson.

So what is new is that i've uploaded a few new pieces to deviant art. anything i put there will be up here soon enough. i have a little more freedom in what i put up there because they aren't scared of nudity or risque material. so untill i have a media server that works better or as well as PhotoBucket, some images will only be seen on Deviant art.
check whats new. like this:

also i really need a colorist. SO if your pretty good or at least ok at colors let me know. I have little to no money. so lets talk about that upfront. Infact i still owe a very good printer about 160 bucks. but hopefully i have some other things to offer or we can work out some payment plan.
check out my photobucket account because there are a couple of pieces of art on there that aren't on deviant yet, and will not appear in the artmada art book due out early next year.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So whats new. Well the ARTMADA sketch book should be out early next year. captain Kacela issue two is out. Pick up issue 1 and 2 online at

now that the sketch book is out of the way i'm gonna get back on putting art on my deviant. after the book drops i'll get some of the prints on deviant and make them available online.

I took down my personal reality show. the video blog of our house situation. i honesty think it would be very entertaining. My wife feels other wise though. any way i'm gonna startusing this as more of a sketch blog get a picture or two up here as often as i can. i'm home sick today so i should get a pic up today.