Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chicago Bound!
Table M4!
I don't leave for another week  but I'm already pretty psyched. I think I've been burried in one of the biggest artist alley sections I've ever been apart of. I can't tell whether I'm at the entrance or near the back of the room? Either way on hand I'll have captain Kacela issues 1-3, a sneak peak of 4 and 5, several prints of pictures I've had on my blog plus some older stuff and a few captain Kacela posters. If things go well who knows maybe there will be some shirts!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 am again

Had an awesome time at the J1 con. Would have been better with some sales. There was some nice cosplay though and I met some good people and hung out with some friends. Check out artist Ben Harvey excellent work. Going to commission him for some of my characters.
Picture below, me, Sean Ngo (one of the event and savior of my living room) and Kerry jr. And the disembodied cup of beet is Issa James.
Next up Chicago.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hey don't want anyone to think I'm slackin'off

Will be at the blockley today. J1 Con. Small get together. hope to sell some prints, meet some folks, introduce people to captain Kacela.

The Blockley Philly
3801 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Show starts at 2 pm, doesn't stop till 12 am GO FOR BROKE!
Been doing alot working on logos and preparing for upcoming comic conventions.

Seems people aren't as keen on Wizard World Chicago nowadays. I'll be there though hope to see a lot of folks. Maybe next year C2E2.

New Art!
Image done at a friends request. I'm gonna see if I can get some prints and shirts out of it.
the girl is supposed to be elena, akuma, panthro, blackpanther

Picture done for ashley riot/Riot queen on facebook
It's her Original Character Psyche
it's a little blury. I scaned this with my phone oh how the mighty have fallen

Thats all for now.

Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Official!
I'll be at wizard world Chicago.  August Chicago and Baltimore are the last of the big cons I'll be at till next year. I was supposed to do the bronx heroes con but had to bail at the last min. Hopefully next year. I wanted to hit onyx con in Atlanta, definitely my crowd but time and resources turned against it. There are a couple cons in Ohio I'd like to try next year, but as always it's about the time and money.

heres some more good news though, some one came by the table in philly and they liked my avatar piece so much they offered to color it.
15 dollars, 2 prints for 25, 3 for 30

Check me out in Chicago I'll post my table I.D. soon as I get it

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quick Update on Appearances

Confirmed for:
Bronx Superhero Con July27th
J1-2 Conventions July 28th
Baltimore Comic Con September 7-8th

looking into chicago

theres also a local con thats new we might hit up
So last night i posted a whole bunch of images on the roach blog. so let me make that up by reposting them here where they were supposed to go.

Small black panther sketch

Cody from the FinalFight/Streetfighter myths
 Cyclops and marrow
Goliath from disney's gargoyles   for a friends birthday

Leo for a turtle contest

Pokemon idea id like to see. 

The Hulk vs Popeye

Kakashi also for a birthday

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skizzy skizzy Sketch!

So I'm tired had martial arts class today. So no banter just sketches

this one is pretty old spawn
more recent Nina from tekken. I updated this but since the scanner is broke.

 old sketch done on the bus along time ago

birthday present for a friend also two of my favorite video game characters 

old picture of some mutants.

Sketch done of my wife for my son. when he was born he stayed in intensive care they said he would recognize black and white so i drew this and left it in the crib

 redesign of an old marvel character Impala for some website I think, can't remember. I liked the outcome though

Old madlib don't remember the silly story that went with it

Another redesign of a marvel character probably for the same contest. This time Miss Marvel who I thought would be an interesting captain america counter part.

some of my favorite characters some old pics some new.

Monday, July 15, 2013

more art

Day two Puttin in that old work!

First off let me say expect some art about tryavon. Only in America can there be so much unsaid and so little humanity in the face of "Law and order" so little justice.

I found out I might be able to use my phone as a scanner so maybe some new art after all. Not for a while though. They charged me a fee.

First some random characters. Along time ago I posted on a site called Alot of great folks from there Khary Randolph( Robert Kirkman of walking dead fame, Tony Moore E.J.Su and a bunch of other guys fun time. did this sketch as part of an art contest/online comic. it won a spot but they got rid of him eventually cause I wanted too much money. 

This is a character called Hodari. I may write some thing for him again.

This is ishmiel Lyght of Earth Guard i had alot of pics of this guy. I lost this actual book mark water colored painted.

This is the ninja penguin. I really didn't want to compare him to any turtles. Came about by accident. I still like him may not do anything other then just draw some pics slap him on shirts.

Space police officer. Inspired by the science police of the legion comic. Intentionally done as eye candy.

And then there is Roach.  Roach is actually still in development. I've done a lot with her. The new stuff will be written by another person writer Tess Stevenson. Pretty good. Should be alot more light hearted.

Also I envision her as having a ponytail. but I almost never draw her that way.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Old school week

Good news and badnews

Good news should be able to get into Baltimore con, money paid for and everything.

Badnews my scanner is on the fritz so I'm set back pretty far. in the mean time since theres no new art here is a bunch of old art.

This is the first title I selfpublished. Though the characters and concept were developed by myself and my best friend(s) the books them selves are written and drawn by me. There was some editing and the colors for the cover of issue one I got help on.

These are the characters. The largest is Kyle/Maelstrom Th guy with the fro is Ishmiel/Syphon
The one smoking is Miana/Lady B!#@% (yeah we full on went for it) And lastly the small asian girl is Kim/Halo 

 They were around long enough to get several looks. If i can find them I'll post all the pages from issue 1 and 2. Might take a while. I will probably use some of the character later. I wanted to rework the costume, but its not likely.

There will be more.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Whats Good  Whats new.
So an update on the conventions

So far NYC is out I'll let everyone know if anything changes

a recent addition J1-con is in, paid for and everything.
heres a link.

Baltimore is a yes

everything else is still unconfirmed.

heres some more new art! dc's vixen