Sunday, July 14, 2013

Old school week

Good news and badnews

Good news should be able to get into Baltimore con, money paid for and everything.

Badnews my scanner is on the fritz so I'm set back pretty far. in the mean time since theres no new art here is a bunch of old art.

This is the first title I selfpublished. Though the characters and concept were developed by myself and my best friend(s) the books them selves are written and drawn by me. There was some editing and the colors for the cover of issue one I got help on.

These are the characters. The largest is Kyle/Maelstrom Th guy with the fro is Ishmiel/Syphon
The one smoking is Miana/Lady B!#@% (yeah we full on went for it) And lastly the small asian girl is Kim/Halo 

 They were around long enough to get several looks. If i can find them I'll post all the pages from issue 1 and 2. Might take a while. I will probably use some of the character later. I wanted to rework the costume, but its not likely.

There will be more.

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