Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Skizzy skizzy Sketch!

So I'm tired had martial arts class today. So no banter just sketches

this one is pretty old spawn
more recent Nina from tekken. I updated this but since the scanner is broke.

 old sketch done on the bus along time ago

birthday present for a friend also two of my favorite video game characters 

old picture of some mutants.

Sketch done of my wife for my son. when he was born he stayed in intensive care they said he would recognize black and white so i drew this and left it in the crib

 redesign of an old marvel character Impala for some website I think, can't remember. I liked the outcome though

Old madlib don't remember the silly story that went with it

Another redesign of a marvel character probably for the same contest. This time Miss Marvel who I thought would be an interesting captain america counter part.

some of my favorite characters some old pics some new.

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