Monday, July 15, 2013

more art

Day two Puttin in that old work!

First off let me say expect some art about tryavon. Only in America can there be so much unsaid and so little humanity in the face of "Law and order" so little justice.

I found out I might be able to use my phone as a scanner so maybe some new art after all. Not for a while though. They charged me a fee.

First some random characters. Along time ago I posted on a site called Alot of great folks from there Khary Randolph( Robert Kirkman of walking dead fame, Tony Moore E.J.Su and a bunch of other guys fun time. did this sketch as part of an art contest/online comic. it won a spot but they got rid of him eventually cause I wanted too much money. 

This is a character called Hodari. I may write some thing for him again.

This is ishmiel Lyght of Earth Guard i had alot of pics of this guy. I lost this actual book mark water colored painted.

This is the ninja penguin. I really didn't want to compare him to any turtles. Came about by accident. I still like him may not do anything other then just draw some pics slap him on shirts.

Space police officer. Inspired by the science police of the legion comic. Intentionally done as eye candy.

And then there is Roach.  Roach is actually still in development. I've done a lot with her. The new stuff will be written by another person writer Tess Stevenson. Pretty good. Should be alot more light hearted.

Also I envision her as having a ponytail. but I almost never draw her that way.

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