Thursday, January 15, 2015

Black comic characters.

Hey I'm a comic book artist. I'm an independent comic creator and publisher.
People don't seem to know we exist. I'm starting this list on Facebook because despite all the work myself and others have done, over all there is still the thought that there are not enough black characters around. In reality Marvel, DC and other larger brands don't have as many(even with the current push to create some) but there are tons of good characters in the independent market.
Most of the reason you don't know about them is because we can't afford to advertise on a large scale.
Some of these characters are new, some are about the ideas and have been around a few years (Captain Kacela Universal Ranger) some have been around since the 90s and have been very close to the popularity of larger comic companies (Brotherman) and some have been award wining from inception. Anyway Buying them and supporting these artist allows these works to continue and new amazing things to happen. If you don't support don't complain about what Marvel or DC decide to do with Storm or John Steward, and never say again “There aren't enough black characters”

Abraham the young lion

Urban Shogun

There are also tons of great artist who work on these and other mainstream works, and other series and amazing  writers who also do lots of other types of work. I didn't even include the non-graphic novels or characters I know of but could not find sequential art for. I just want these to be more well known and hopefully bought and widely accepted.

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