Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Con Season, Rabbit Season, Con Season

Hey all.  I haven't been updating to leave the last post up as long as possible the one showing all the indy black comics I know. I'll try to update that quaterly. My new year is starting about now. It's con season! Thats right the spring is when the cons start and they end around fall. For me Baltimore should be the end of the year, unless NYCC is in October. So I have been working on some new prints. I work on stuff all year but this time of year you see more of them. Also Captain Kacela's print series is finishing up. Due to budget and time concerns the last issues will be in a trade for with all 4 issues. Sorry to all those who already picked up all three... I'll try to find some way to make it worth your expense. Pencils and ink by Kamau M. Colors by Derek Dow http://artmunki.deviantart.com/

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