Sunday, December 16, 2012

hey all so it appears the model really loved the character. So hopefully within a few weeks or months we should have some lovely pictures of Elisha Jade as Roach. She hails from England so it's unlikely she'll be at any conventions. Then again you never know, buy roach books when they go on sale and maybe we'll be able to get Elisha to the states.

In other news been working with some other models namely Malayasia Carter. Shes been doing her thing for a min. Hopefully I should be able to do a small comic strip on her site to raise viewership help her create more buzz and make a little money. here are some development sketches hoping to have a poster available by the 19th when she does a signing at black and nobel Phillys major black book store. Check out more of her at her site  and see whats going on at the bookstore here

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