Sunday, December 2, 2012


A Barrel of Crabs pt.1

Hey folks hope everyone is well today. I'm writing this post after witnessing one artist accuse another of stealing his character design. Among artist, specially us indy comic folk, that is a terrible crime, TERRIBLE.
The question- is it true.
I say no and I over here some evidence.
first personal

The artist in question is Shawn Alleyne  his blog is here:
Who is being accused of stealing by Chuck Collins his blog here:

Both artist are talented. I don't think either needs to steal and I think this particular incident is more hype from third parties then anything else. The original pic was posted on face book with the caption "original" and "copy" very inflammatory. Wait how is calling a copy inflammatory  well it assumes that one is a copy and my evidence will prove that's not true. here is the original picture

What the picture clearly shows is that the two drawings are very much a like. but that speaks to a lack of orignality in the comic/anime/videogame market, not to thievery.  Here is why.

There are two reasons one would claim that one of these works is stolen based on this picture. 
1.the similar stances or poses of the pictures. 
2. the likeness of the character.

One is very obvious but isn't about stealing.  Here are some pictures to help explain.
I outlined the pose of the characters and imposed the outline over some other pictures.

 blue mary from snk
Wonderwoman and Catwoman from Batman Rising
 Mystique from marvel comics
 monica rambuea also from marvel

unknown character
 tron design

So as you can see firstly the pose isn't original or something unique to Chuck Collins as a creator infact....
These are some of shawns normal sketches it's a defualt stance for him unrelated to Chuck Collins or his work

There are more Shawn has been drawing alot and doing sketches and character designs for a good while now.
I only put these up as an example. so hopefully you now understand why the picture looks so similar. Its a common comic book/anime/videogame pose. I didn't even post all the pictures of the pose I found.

Going back to the second question... I think that takes another blog. Basicly I think they have both been influenced by the same things and it just happens that some one pointed it out. I have again lots of evidence. Next time.

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