Sunday, December 22, 2013

Talent eh?

So this will be a double post because I plan on posting some art later on(closer to midnight like normal) But I needed to make a mention of something I think is crazy. It's not easy for an artist to make good money. Sometimes even as we gain critical acclaim or admiration among our peers we still lack the respect of the general public and find it hard to nail down a job in art.

I often here "If I had your skills..." ; the rest of the the sentence explaining why I shouldn't be without money ever with the skill that I have. It's not that easy though or else I would have lots of money. I wanted to post the current struggle of a friend of mind because of this.

He's currently in a contest on a site called talent house. While art contest can be loaded, considering art is so subjective and it's basically opinions that are used to judge, sometimes it's more about what you your self look like. I'm not hating on serious female artist. I've seen lots though who are mediocre and not improving and making sales because well they look nice.

I think my friend shawn is currently a victim of this. Check out his talent house link. vote if you agree. there are some other good entries.

just to summerize here is his entry (currently in 5th)

and here is the current number one.

You be the  judge

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