Sunday, December 22, 2013

Oldies but goodies

So part two of the blog post today. Some art.

Goliath of Disney's Gargoyles. Birthday gift for a friend.

Secondly let me introduce those that don't know to Earthguard. Created by the original founders of Arson Entertainment, these were our flashship characters for a long time. They only made it to two issues. The art was the best part as I wrote the story because the co-creator/writer was unavailable. I still love them and we were in talks to try to redo the book. but it probably won't be the same. Not sure what will happen to them.

From top to bottom Kyle/Maelstrom
Miana/Lady Bitch
don't ask me about the names. I think only one actually makes any sense.

Was once the best pic in my collection right around when Capcom vs. SNK2 hit and when I got Mark of the Wolves on emulator for my pc.

If I ever find the files I'll post the books.

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