Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hey art fans. Wanted to add this update so I don't fall too far behind. Lots of things going on. Including a separation from my wife and mother of my children. So this is the official official, even though I changed my facebook relationship status about a week ago.

I'm still documenting though I haven't made another video. I'll get one done by this Saturday. I didn't want to make this personal to me and have all my drama in these videos but there has been so much lately I think I should add it. In many ways its still all the struggle of artist. I know at least one that went through a similar divorce. I know for him it was just as hard because they had been such a public couple. I might have been in a more public relationship.

That and the death of my longtime martial arts instructor and personal matters between me and my family as well as shake ups at my day job have me much off schedule.
Currently I'm not sure when Captain Kacela Universal Ranger 4 will be done. It's looking like it won't be complete till early 2014.

I'm still planing to produce a graphic novel "The Roach" or "La Cucaracha" during 2014. so that may not be done till 2015.

And I'm still running the long con game. Convention season will start next year though I'm not sure what the first con will be.  There were several bust this year. Including Detroit black age con and cola-con. Things just didn't line up right.

if you have any questions concerns or just want to show support feel free to e-mail me Kamau.mshale@gmail.com or leave a comment. Also check out my instagram kamau215. I'll be posting some issue 4 preview soon.

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