Sunday, November 17, 2013

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I've been out of it for a little bit. A lot going on. changes in my life and  all trying to get back on track.
Right now I'm working on Captain Kacela issue 4 and some illustration projects.

I've got an art school  coming up the 22nd or this coming Friday. 40th and Girard

Also I realized that I've been neglecting the other attached blogs. I built this set of blogs to work like a easy to manage site. as such I've noticed some navigation issues. I've also realized that without a schedule I'll never keep up with all these blogs.
My new schedule is week one of every month, main blog, main gallery and captain kacela and kacela gallery.
week two: the roach blog and gallery and extras if any.
week three: Keisha underground and gallery
last week back to this blog and fighters universe.
posting some new unfinished work

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  1. I really like the details on Nu’bia’s armor.