Thursday, August 8, 2013

A New Hope

So I've decided to share. For the next two years in addition to any art I post on my blog I'll also try to document the struggles of the artist.

I've told people recently this is likely my last few years doing comic related material. Mostly cause I still have ideas I want to get out. I've spent lots of money over the last 5 or 6 years, to varying degrees of effectiveness. So it's not a matter of giving up. I'll still draw. You have to be able to say to your self "I'm gonna give it all I got."  You also have to be able to live with the idea that all you got isn't enough and you have to pay the bills some other way.

Most of my work has been well received when people actually buy and read. None has been award winning, but it rarely even gets honorable mention.  I thought maybe this is because I'm not vocal enough. Turns out lots of people know my online persona, have seen my Facebook deviant art blog and follow. That's just not enough. So just so you all know I've really worked hard that this isn't a cop out
two years
2 video blogs a month
1 blog a week
2 status updates a day on Facebook.

I'm sitting at the Westin in Chicago waiting to go to wizard world and sell sell sell. I've seen my table. I'm burred almost in the last row of the first floor near the emergency exits. I've got a good amount of material and I am certainly available for commissions if your planing on coming by the table.

This con was the first major con I ever went to. I think this is a turning point in my career. And no matter what this con two years from now will tell me if I have any future in the funny books.

Check me out Table M4 first floor be there till the end of the con everyday.

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