Thursday, August 15, 2013

So about a week since I arrived in Chicago and I'm still talking about the memorable trip. I went by bus, an up and down experience, but it's the people and interactions at the convention that stay with you. I kept up with posting photos on facebook through out the con. I'll share some here but best to hit up facebook to see them all.
The Captain Kacela Universal Ranger books sold well. Sold all of issue 1 and issue 3 had a few issue 2's left. Think I made a small impact in Chicago. I'm not thinking about doing a few other mid-west shows like detroit's cons as well as Ohios.

But the big thing is connections. My friend and fellow artist Shawn Allyene is big on networking. I'm not the best at it but I talked to some very prolific people. Like Writer Ytasha Womack, Creator Yurli Huff, Artist creator Arvell Jones, Writer creator La Morris Richmond  of Hallboy comics, a journalist with integrity(despite the my little pony shirt) many artist and a few cosplayers.

Ytasha interviewed me about captain Kacela and afrofuturism check it out here:

indoing the interview and trying to provide info I dind't realize that I never made a link for Captain Kacela's facebook fan page. Here it is:

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