Thursday, January 31, 2013

Black Women!

Hey just wanted to talk about one of my favorite subjects and spread my unwanted opinion. I have a comic book called Captain Kacela. It's a sci-fi action adventure book that stars a black female as the lead, supported by a black female and has few males at all. I created her because of a love for African american women and women in general. I felt there was a lot of talk about shape that was misleading and misguided. While I don't think that all black women are in perfect health and  I know Americans in general (African Americans specifically  have terrible eating habits, surely they are not all obese. By BMI standards in america most people are over weight. I wouldn't have a problem with this if not for the understanding that many black women are viewed as over weight because they are shaped and proportioned different. I do mean the idea that many black women have large thighs and booties. This can be stereotyped but the truth is many,if not most, have more backside the other people in america. The world over it happens a lot but because it has not been the taste of the people who dominated american culture for the last 500 years or so main stream media and science always vilifies our body types.

that's why I made the book and because of the book I've taken an added interest in matters related to black women and their image in the media. I know as a man I too am guilty of objectifying  women, specifically black women. Lead by main stream media I do like good pin up shot and occasionally get caught looking at pictures on facebook featuring nameless women in clothes so tight I can see a heart beat. It may be a while before that leaves our culture if it ever does, because that's based in large part on evolution and my desire as a man for the fairer sex. But what can be done away with is the intentional hate that flows world wide and pools in places like America for everything that is wonderful about black women.

In conclusion I think that there is an idealistic view of black women that I have and a degraded image of black women often portrayed and there needs to be some consensus. I'm at work though. talk more about it later.

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