Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hey folks. SO after some talk about Kacelas outfit I've decided just to up her target age. I still think shes a good role model and I don't think her costume is that bad, but I think that by raising her age I can talk about different things including why her costume is different as well as things young women should or shouldn't do. In that vain any info opinions and truths about being a young woman that female out there want to pass along let me know.

I have to apologize to one specific fan, who is still waiting for a poster. trust that when it comes it will also have some free art and what ever else I can throw in there.

I've uploaded some non Kacela art on my deviant account. prints of many things available there. if you have a request email me. or leave a message on this blog.
i also started a society6 account if you have any request for society 6 things that you would want to see on shirts or other available objects email me.

and finally there are still books for sale at indyplanet and shirts available at

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