Saturday, June 15, 2013

Great new
Got a reliable internet connection now so I should be able to post more often. Need to hit the blogs up at least once a week right?

so here are some older things. I know you want new. It's coming, I'm always working on new things. A lot of my creations have been posted to so you may see them there, but I send alot of people to this site and I'd just like to get more representation here.

some pin up art. Planing on doing a sci-fi pin up book.

Captain Kacela Universal Ranger Poster

Color version of the Divas picture.

Misty Knight from marvel.

Sagat taking care of business

Sci-Fi space station.

    Anna from Tekken and a Giant Squid
Tron girl I should have used a stencil for the disk.

Print in progress Vixen

Not sure where this project is going. It has been a year though and I haven't heard anything from her but Candy Crush request. Infact I'm not even sure she liked it. But I thought it was nice and I should  show.

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