Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hey quick update,

I'm changing format just a little. This is still my personal art blog. Meaning I will post sketches personal projects as well as miscellaneous art work. But I've started 3 more blogs.  This should allow me to post more work and make it easier to keep up with web comics.

the first blog
current news on Captain Kacela Universal Ranger as well as deleted scenes and ketches

the second blog
For the ongoing web series Kiesha Underground. This will mean I won't be posting it on this blog page. I will post if I've made an update. Again this page will have the series and sketches/ pin ups and additional info.

the third blog
Blog for the upcoming roach comic should be done by the end of 2014

the fourth
Fighers Universe is an old personal project. Not sure how often I will update it. I do have a lot of back logged work I can add in the mean time.

Will try to update all pages sunday evenings  twice a month. My main( blog maybe more often since I post thoughts as well as images. I'll also start back logging images that maybe on deviant or may have not been scene.
Thanks again for visiting. make sure to check out captain Kacelas fan page on facebook

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