Friday, August 17, 2012

Had a nice long break between post. lots going on. firstly I started an indiegogo. What they hell are you talking about you say? well it's like cept its' called indiegogo and you get to keep what ever funds you raise instead of the all or nothing nature of kickstarter.

its proformed a little under expectation, though I'm extremely motivated by the support the book has received. please stop by and check out the campaign, watch the video, read and support you'll get some cool stuff for you effort.

one of he best things about starting the campaign is the realization and discovery of the body image issue in america. I had made it  my struggle just because of my love and appreciation for black women and the idea that, through the media, they were being socially attacked on the issue of body size and shape. But apparently this goes to many other women and men. and I've been fortunate to run across several examples. like :

in lew of that i decided to enter Kacela in a character creation contest. thats right up her alley here:

one of the perks from the indiegogo is an all new poster specifically for contributors, here is a WIP shot.

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  1. Met you at comicon in philly dressed as Red Son and you expressed interest in a new colorist. I didnt know how to contact you until my korra print came in the mail (love it btw) but if you still need a new colorist, I could really use the work and I work fast with high quality. I can email you details if you like